logo Levi Newediuk, PhD Spatial ecology, from DNA to global distributions

About me

Why we find organisms distributed in the places we do is one of the most fundamental questions in ecology and evolution. We know a lot about how the external environment shapes these distributions, but only very recently have the appropriate technology and quantitative tools been available to ask how the differences among individual organisms make them respond to their environments in unique ways. I probe the molecular and physiological differences among individual organisms, then model how these differences in “internal state” help shape individual behaviour, population distributions, and global biodiversity.

I believe diversity in gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, cultural and religious background, physical ability, mental and physical health, socioeconomic status, and many other facets brings a richness of thought and perspectives to academia that should be celebrated. I value my working relationships with people from backgrounds different than my own. The concrete actions I take to support equity over equality in academia are grounded in my values.


Featured publications

Newediuk L, Richardson ES, Biddlecombe BA, et al. Climate change, age acceleration, and the erosion of fitness in polar bears. Nature in revision

Newediuk L, Mastromonaco, GF, and Vander Wal E (2024) Associations between glucocorticoids and habitat selection reflect daily and seasonal energy requirements. Movement Ecology

Newediuk L & Bath DR (2023) Meta-analysis reveals between-population differences affect the link between glucocorticoids and population health. Conservation Physiology